Monday, December 5, 2016


I Am A Nets Fan

Rev. Christopher Burnett

John 21:11

So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net to the shore. There were 153 large fish, and yet the net hadn’t torn.

I love seeing people operate in their gifting. Greatness inspires me. An uncontrollable smile paralyzes my face as I watch people do things that nobody can do quite like them. Their passion, energy, and soul spark an awe-inspiring vision and it is clear – they are operating in their gifting.

Nets have the incredible ability to catch whatever comes in their vicinity. Nets are extremely gifted at catching.

While this story is often framed in ways that promote reflection on the consequences of what happens when one reverts to their old ways and runs from their calling, it also speaks to the awesomeness of the Lord. Despite our failures, disobedience, and self-inflicted seasons of emptiness, the Lord presents us with opportunities to receive abundant blessings that we don’t have room enough to receive which overflow into the lives of those attached to us.

When the spotlight is put on the nets in this story we are in for a powerful lesson. Of all the roles one can identify with, we are probably most like the nets. Nets are referred to twelve times in the New Testament. When referenced, unfortunately, the nets are either forsaken, left alone or behind, being mended because they have gotten caught up on something that has torn its fibers and caused it to start falling apart, or they are being washed because they are full of trash. The net referenced in John 21, however, is the only net that is not empty, in need of mending, tearing under pressure, or being washed because of the debris that has entangled it.

Lesson: we can’t let what has happened, what is happening or what is going to happen deter us from operating in our gifting.  From the time Jesus called Peter and Andrew, these nets had a destiny and purpose. However, there was a process they had to endure.

The first time we encounter the nets actually catching fish, they have caught so much that they began to tear. Some of us have had seasons of success and found out that sometimes success can break you and cause you to unravel. Some of us have had dry seasons where it seems as though we are continuously coming up empty. Some of us have been torn, broken, and have found ourselves in need of mending – emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

However, if we will declare and decree that we will endure and never forsake our gifting – there is a season coming that will encompass our biggest catch. In this season coming, for those willing to endure, you won’t tear under pressure but become part of another awesome story of what God will do through those who stay true to their gifting.

I’m a nets fan! Operate in your gifting and never forget, no matter what, you have someone cheering you on. Your biggest catch is still on the way, be encouraged. You weren’t called to be successful, you were called to be faithful!

Dear Lord, confirm my gifting today and prepare me for my biggest catch, Amen!