Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Rev. Charles R. Ramsey Jr.,
Senior Pastor
St. Luke AME Church – Cartersville, GA

Matthew 14:22-33

One of the most powerful tools of Christian living is faith. Faith is relying on and putting our trust in God’s plan for our lives. Faith is the power to believe when it seems that the odds are against us. As one preacher once said: “Faith is acting like it is so, even when it is not so, so that it might be so, simply because God said so.” Faith is choosing to believe what God says despite what you see, feel or think.

It is a knowing and assurance in divine interaction. Often accompanied by the challenge to move us from comfort to the uncomfortable, faith is also moving us from mediocracy to excellence even beyond our imaginations.

 The text describes Peter stepping out of a boat onto water to walk in response to a bid by Jesus to experience the extraordinary. It would have been safe to stay in the boat. Conformity seems to be the safe place that we often prefer as we pray for the Lord to do something spectacular in our lives. In that moment when Peter stepped out of the boat he teaches us that the greater blessing is when we respond to the calling of Christ and dare to take action. This beckoning from Jesus was also just for Peter, no one else.

As Peter stepped out and walk towards Jesus the wind distracted him. Phenomenal experiences with Jesus will require laser sharp focus on him and not the obstacles in our lives. In other words, when moving to a new level in faith our obstacles are merely a platform for the unusual thing that Jesus is doing in our lives.  I encourage you today to step out and stay focus, with faith, on God’s beckoning to participate in the extraordinary.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to walk with You in an extraordinary journey by faith. Amen.